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paddlers move from creek to river, by cliffs

Ngak Indau wetland by foot

(Note – – as of August 2016 the trail has been redefined and much of the information here is now incorrect – a current trail map is available here .  Our blog will be…

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Loch Luna reflections

Ngak Indau Wetland, Berri, Riverland SA, by kayak

The Ngak Indau Wetland includes a marked walking trail, but is also a lovely kayak spot with plenty of birdlife.  The walking trail is a 4.8 km, 1.5 hour loop which loosely circumnavigates two…

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kayaking the narrow winding creeks of Loch Luna

Using Google Earth to plan your Murray River kayak trip

Kym’s recently been doing a number of “study tours” of the creeks and backwaters in our area, covering almost 300km by kayak.  (It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it!)   So he…

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camper at dawn, sitting between tent and kayaks

The Demise of the Giants?

The stark dead gums lining the edges of many sections of the Murray River and its backwaters, are almost iconic of South Australia’s Murray River.  These pale giants certainly enhance the beauty of the river,…

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kayaker in touring kayak, with bedroll on back.

Loch Luna kayaking

    Where is it? This short video was made to showcase Loch Luna kayaking.  Loch Luna is one of our favourite kayaking spots. It is a wetland located between Kingston-on-Murray and Barmera, not…

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