Berri Kayaking Group – All you need to know.

The Berri Kayaking Group (organized by Canoe Adventures – Riverland) is a bunch of friendly people who enjoy getting out on the water to enjoy the scenery and get a bit of casual exercise.

When does the Berri Kayaking Group meet?

We hold paddling trips

  • SUMMER SEASON - weekly during term time, during daylight savings, on Tuesdays at 5:25pm, getting off the water at approximately 7pm.
  • WINTER SEASON - irregularly during non-daylight savings at different times on the weekend, often venturing a bit further afield, and paddling for a little longer.
How fit do I need to be?

We can accommodate almost any fitness level. Faster people, who want to push themselves harder than everyone else can simply kayak past the exit point and then return to the exit point at the designated time. If your aim is more for a leisurely trip, that’s fine too. Our routes are selected so that they can be completed in an hour and a half by a person of slightly-below-average fitness.

Do I need my own kayak?

We have hire kayaks available at a special rate, or you are welcome to bring your own - see costs below.

How much does it cost?

Kayaks can be hired from us at our special "Berri Kayaking Group" rate of $35 for a single kayak, or $25 for a seat in a double kayak - and you don't need to supply the other person for the double - there's always someone willing to team up.  (prices as at 22/2/2023)

OR you can bring your own kayak.  $10 covers insurance, co-ordination and logistics, such as getting you and your kayak reunited with your car at the end or our one-way trips.

Payment can be

  • cash on the day - correct change please,
  • OR payID to 0421167645 and email or text us the transaction record.
How do I get involved?

Give Kym a ring on 04211 676 45 and he’ll set you up on our text message booking system. We’ll text you a reminder each week, telling you where to meet (as it changes frequently throughout the season.) It is important that all bookings or cancellations are texted in before 3pm.

There is a facebook page for the group called “Berri Kayaking Group” This sometimes gives a bit of extra information. Please note that it is NOT necessary to join the Berri Kayaking Group facebook group, and please don’t communicate bookings through facebook.

Where do we paddle?

The route varies week by week, and is mainly weather-dependent: If it’s windy we’ll take you somewhere sheltered, and if it’s not windy, we’ll take advantage of going in the more exposed locations.

We do a mixture of one-way and return trips, making use of our bus to get people back to their cars.

Paddling locations include Eckert’s Creek, South Eckert’s Creek, Gurra Gurra Creek, Booky Cliffs, Ajax Achilles Lakes, and along the river. Our winter paddles go a bit further afield and may include Rilli, Katarapko and Loch Luna.

What happens in a Berri Kayaking Group session?

We meet at the texted location at 5:25pm sharp, collect payment , fit PFDs (Personal flotation devices – or “life jackets” – though technically they’re not life jackets), make sure your footrests are on the right setting for you, give a safety briefing and basic instruction to first-timers, let you know where we’re headed, and set off.

People generally go at their own speed, spread out along the right-hand side of the river. People wanting to push themselves have the option paddling past the exit point, and then making sure they head back to the end by 7pm. People wanting a relaxing paddle, or people feeling a little unsure of their ability are also catered for: We aim to always have one confident paddler at the end of the string of paddlers.

Unfortunately we’re not mind-readers, so if you’re wanting more detailed instruction, or wanting the confidence of having our qualified kayaking instructor Kym next to you, PLEASE let us know.

I am larger than average. Will I fit in a canoe and life jacket?

Our lifejackets are sized up to XXXL with kayaks/canoes to match. If you have special sizing needs, please let us know at the time of booking so that we can select the kayak and life jacket that will be most comfortable for you.

Will I get wet?

Our kayaks have been selected because they are all very stable.  Capsizing is a rare event, but is possible.

Also – some people’s unique paddling styles do splash enough water to get clothing wet. On cooler days we recommend having a change of clothes in your car, just in case. Please make sure that any valuables (phones, car keys etc) are stored in waterproof bags AND secured to the kayak. We have dry bags available for purchase.

What should I wear?

We suggest beach shoes and sun-smart styles. Synthetic fabrics are best for cooler weather (as they dry more quickly) .  Keep the natural fibres for the heat.  Don’t forget your sunnies, hat, repellant and sunscreen.

Hope you'll join us! - 04211 676 45

Our morning sojourn on the Murray River was the highlight of our time in the Riverland... Gurra Gurra Creek rang with the sound of nesting Whistling Kites, Yellow Rosellas and Reed Warblers, in particular, as we drifted slowly with the current and a gentle tail wind. We had it all to ourselves. Entering the River, the stunning red cliffs and width of the waterway added contrast. Then into the more intimate entrance to the Ajax Achilles Lakes, flanked by lignum, reeds and towered over by cooba wattles, black box and river red gums. Reluctantly, we returned to reality as we re-entered the River near Lock 4 where Kym was waiting, very patiently, to pull us ash
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