Ngak Indau Wetland, Berri, Riverland SA, by kayak

Ngak Indau Wetland, Berri, Riverland SA, by kayak

The Ngak Indau Wetland includes a marked walking trail, but is also a lovely kayak spot with plenty of birdlife.  The walking trail is a 4.8 km, 1.5 hour loop which loosely circumnavigates two small lakes, and includes a brief visit to the river, about 10 minutes from Berri, but more about that in a consecutive post.   Today we discovered that it's also a lovely spot for a leisurely kayak outing.

Access to the lake is easy, from the Ngak Indau parking area - just follow the road around behind the information shelter, and take the first turn to the left, only about 10 m from the shelter.  (To find the parking area, click here for a guide to the Murray River National Park, then look on the Katarapko map.  The walking trail is marked just west of the top campsite 8 (note - the campsite numbers 1-18 repeat - you want the TOP campsite 8))

Launching was easy, (10-8-13) though may become more difficult if the water level drops much, as the bank is very shallow.  Actually, it seems the whole lake is not deep.  The creek which feeds the lake is regulated, and I don't know how often the lakes are filled (or allowed to dry out)

It is not a long paddle - we only spent an hour there, taking plenty of time to just stop and look - enjoying the birdlife and the golden afternoon light.  The lakes are sheltered by trees, and the reflections were gorgeous.

One of our highlights was watching a group of 5 spoonbills "grazing" on the edge of the water, leaving bubble trails behind them.

Spoon bill feeding trails

We also enjoyed watching a hooded dotterel feed and bob up and down.  And the reliable, ever present pelicans and whistling kite kept us entertained too.

The area where the two lakes join was a bit too shallow to paddle through - this is where it comes in very handy having a short tow-rope and a self-sacrificing hubby who doesn't mind getting his feet wet.

Overall - Ngak Indau wetland is a pleasant spot for an afternoon outing.  There is a sturdy picnic table next to the parking area. The kayaking is leisurely, and the contained lakes will keep the kids from getting lost, or accidentally paddling so far that they can't make it back.  Top it all off with a wander around the lakes, enjoying the company of the birdlife and maybe even a kangaroo.

And of course, Canoe Adventures can help out with canoe hire and delivery to Ngak Indau.

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