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From Sunrise to Moonlight: A Romantic Journey through Riverland on Valentine’s Day!

Embark on an Unforgettable Itinerary: Discovering Hidden Gems and Timeless Landscapes Join us for a journey through extraordinary landscapes, exploring hidden gems and culturally rich landmarks. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or an eager dreamer,…

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double touring kayaks being paddled on the river, loaded with bedrolls etc.

Comparing Canoes and Kayaks for Overnight Camping Trips

Is a canoe or a kayak best for an overnight canoe camping trip?  Here’s a summary of the differences.  Not sure which to pick?  We’d almost always recommend a kayak, because they’re easier to paddle,…

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colourful kayakers on tree-lined Gurra Gurra creek

Berri Kayaking Group 2022-2023 Season

We hold paddling trips weekly during term time, during daylight savings, on Thursdays at 5:25pm, getting off the water at approximately 7pm.

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Kayaker on Martin's Bend Walking trail, enjoying the flooded floodplains.

Temporary pause to business during Murray River flood emergency in South Australia

Temporary Pause for Safety’s sake A few days ago we finally had to make the call to temporarily pause all kayaking due to the high flows in the Murray River, in a flood, the likes…

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kayakers paddle in flooded waters between redgum trees

Murray River Flooding in South Australia in 2022

Floods in the Murray River, 2022   South Australia’s Murray River is currently experiencing a beautiful, natural flood, with water spilling out of the main channel onto the floodplains, and flowing into creeks and billabongs…

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kayaker paddling between Red Gum trees in flooded waters.

High Water Kayak Tour Schedule, 2022

UPDATE 1.12.22 – Although there are no more scheduled High Water Kayak Tours, it is possible that some may be available.  Due to the constant changing of conditions (wind, flow and availability of launch sites)…

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3 kayakers paddling amongst the redgum trees on the floodplain, during increased flows.

Can we kayak when the river is high?

What is the current state of flow on the Murray? Background: Flow on the Murray in SA is generally measured at the border, in Gigalitres per day. A Gigalitre (GL) is One thousand million litres….

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Camping food that doesn’t need refrigeration or an ice box.

South Australia’s Riverland is one of the coolest stretches of the Murray River, with a wealth of wetlands to explore and a wonderful variety of scenery – cliffs, lagoons, narrow winding creeks, majestic river, possums,…

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Cuseway Campground boat/kayak launching spot

Berri Kayaking Group | Directions 30.11.21 | Causeway Campsite 19

Hi Paddlers, This week we’ll be paddling in Sawmill Creek and adjacent areas while water levels are still raised from natural spring flows.  The regulators have been opened and the Draper Road entrance is now…

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Berri Kayaking Group | 26.10.21 | Piggy Creek

Hi Paddlers, This week will be our last paddle in the Eckert/Sawmill/Splash area this year. It may not be for everyone, as we will need some assistance with unloading and loading kayaks and launching/landing (from…

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