Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are a great gift option when you don’t know what to buy as a present. They are suitable for a variety of ages and fitness levels, and can be redeemed on tours or hires.

  • For the attractive card option:

    Simply contact us to order the certificate, and we will mail it to you, so that you can give it to the lucky recipient. They can contact us to organize a time to enjoy their gift.

  • For the “I need it right now” option:

    Go to our shop and you can print one from there.

  • Certificates expire after 36 months.
view if a Canoe Adventures Gift Certificate

How might the value of my gift card be used?

The links below give you an idea of what value of card you might like to purchase.

If you have different requirements then please give us a call on 0421 167 645 or fill in our contact form with full details and we will contact you with pricing and conditions.

Enquire About Gift Certificates

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