Kayak/Canoe Camping Expeditions

We think the Riverland has some of the best backwaters and camping spots available, so take a few days off, load your gear into your kayak and escape: Explore for as long (or as short) as you like, setting up camp each night in a different beautiful location.

Our specialty touring kayaks have rudders, plenty of gear storage space, and were chosen for their stability. Take a look on our Craft Available page, at the Tsunami 145.

  • Multi-day Trips
  • All the best places to paddle and camp
  • Up-to-date information on water conditions
  • Detailed laminated maps

Our trails follow the most picturesque creeks and campsites, avoiding most powered watercraft.

Most trails are one-way downstream - we take you to the launch point and pick you up at the end..

Information sheets detailing route options for 2-7 day trails are available to our customers, on enquiry.

Tell us what you'd like to do.  Together we can plan an expedition to remember.

We can supply most of the equipment for your expedition – take a look at the list below.

Kym is awesome. Seriously, he knows all the creeks up in the Riverlands like the back of his hand. He was super flexible in terms of drop-off and pick-up times and made our canoe adventures so special. Canoe Adventures and the trails put together by Kym are a little South Australian secret... seriously. We did an overnight camping trip through Eckert's creek (and wild camped on Katarapkto island) and the memories will most definitely last a lifetime.
Julian, TripAdvisor

Overnight Camping Trails

One of the things that makes Riverland kayaking so awesome is the wealth of side creeks to explore.  Many are inaccessible to powered watercraft, and most have mobile phone service.  Kayaking the river is fun, but we find kayaking the creeks far more interesting and peaceful.  The lists below gives an indication of the huge range of choices we have.

Equipment for hire / sale

  • Head Torches
  • Dry Bags/Barrels
  • Gas Stove
  • Cooking & Eating Utensils
  • Tents
  • Spray Skirts
  • Sleeping Mats
  • Stools
  • Spade & toilet paper (some campsites have toilets)
  • 10L “Pack Tap” Water bags (flexible and durable)
  • And of course, kayaks, paddles and PFDs

Things to bring

A comprehensive camping gear list can be emailed upon booking.

Frequently asked questions

Will all my gear really fit in a kayak?

If you’re reasonable and creative, yes. Replace the kitchen sink with a collapsible bucket, the deck chair with a compact version , the swag with an inflatable bedroll and lightweight tent etc, and you’ll be laughing! (hint: kayaks need gear packed in lots of small bags rather than 2 or 3 big bags)

Where can I camp?

If your route takes you through a national park with designated campsites – book one which can be accessed from the water. If no designated sites are nearby, you can generally camp wherever you like. We can recommend good campsites once you’ve selected your route.

What should I bring?

Upon request, a comprehensive list will be emailed to you when you book.

How far do I need to paddle?

We’d recommend between 10-20km for a full day, depending on your group. Average paddling speed is 4km/hr.

Can I take an esky?

The canoes, and double kayaks will fit up to a medium sized esky.  For tips on foods that don't require refrigeration, visit our blog.

Hire Rates for Kayak Camping Expeditions

Indicitive hire rates

  • 2 single kayaks 2 day hire $90 each

  • 2 single kayaks for 5 day hire $150 each

  • 2 double kayaks 2 day hire $120 per kayak ($60 per person)

  • 2 double kayaks for 5 day hire $200 per kayak ($100 per person)

pricing table for hire of kayaks for overnight kayak camping

For a detailed collection of kayak camping tips, head over to our blog.

Enquire About Camping & Expeditions

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Thanks for everything Kym, our camping trip was perfect thanks to your helpful tips and local knowledge. Highly recommend if you're looking for an amazing sunset tour on the river or renting some of your own to do it yourself. We will be back next year!
Amy, TripAdvisor