Picture yourself gliding silently along the glassy surface of a creek, the water mirroring the beauty around you, whistling kites calling overhead, and kangaroos having a drink at the water's edge. Or perhaps you'd like to explore the wonders of nature, along the banks of the river, in the golden light of a sunrise or sunset.

Maybe you'd like to explore the maze-like wetlands of Loch Luna, marvelling at the bird life, the majesty of the gums and the variety of landscapes, enjoying the serenity of solitude. We will tailor an experience to suit your interests and abilities.

Such a wonderful way to explore the river and the beautiful backwaters. So evident that Kym has grown up on this beautiful waterway and shares his passion and knowledge. Could have spent a few days doing this - therapy at its best! So good to see the wild life before and after dark - and the tips on the good camping spots too. Thank you. We will be back.
Jo, TripAdvisor