Accommodation in the Riverland

Are you wondering where to stay, on your visit to the Riverland? (Hopefully you’re here to do a guided kayak tour, or hire a kayak from us) Following is a list of all of the venues that we could find offering accommodation in the Riverland, in Kingston-on-Murray, Cobdogla, Moorook, Loxton, Barmera, Berri, Monash, Glossop, and Lyrup, categorized according to location and type. They range from luxurious extravagance, to budget basics, so click on the links to find something that suits you.

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Houseboats & Campgrounds

Too many to list. Look here to find Houseboats for hire.


Monash, Glossop & Lyrup


Cobdogla, Moorook & Kingston


Our morning sojourn on the Murray River was the highlight of our time in the Riverland... Gurra Gurra Creek rang with the sound of nesting Whistling Kites, Yellow Rosellas and Reed Warblers, in particular, as we drifted slowly with the current and a gentle tail wind. We had it all to ourselves. Entering the River, the stunning red cliffs and width of the waterway added contrast. Then into the more intimate entrance to the Ajax Achilles Lakes, flanked by lignum, reeds and towered over by cooba wattles, black box and river red gums. Reluctantly, we returned to reality as we re-entered the River near Lock 4 where Kym was waiting, very patiently, to pull us ash
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