Loch Luna kayaking

Loch Luna kayaking

Where is it?

This short video was made to showcase Loch Luna kayaking.  Loch Luna is one of our favourite kayaking spots. It is a wetland located between Kingston-on-Murray and Barmera, not far from the Kingston Bridge. It is managed by Parks SA as a game reserve, and is one spot where you may be lucky enough to see the endangered Regent Parrot.

Getting the right advice.

We offer guided tours of Loch Luna, and also deliver canoes and kayaks here if you'd like to go exploring on your own . Maps and PFD's of course, come included in the hire.  We highly recommend our maps, as all other maps on the market have become out-of-date due to the ever-changing nature of living waterways, and following them may result in you having to do a several-kilometre back-track where the waterways have become blocked with reeds.

What makes it special?

What we especially love about this spot is the solitude, the abundance of birdlife and the variety in the scenery - it's not just one long stretch of river - but a maze of little creeks, so there is always the excitement of discovering what's around the next corner. With a mixture of stark, tall, dead gums and greenery - it's just gorgeous.  Being just upstream of Lock 3 means that it has low lush banks: a bit different to the usual grey clay banks that are common in the area.

Where to eat.

Take a picnic, or if you'd prefer, it's not far to Banrock Station, or Flavours Of The Riverland for lunch when you're finished.

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