Ngak Indau wetland by foot

Ngak Indau wetland by foot

(Note - - as of August 2016 the trail has been redefined and much of the information here is now incorrect - a current trail map is available here .  Our blog will be updated when we've had a chance to walk the new trail.) Our last post told you how to find the Ngak Indau wetland (only 10 mins drive from Berri SA,  and described it from a kayaking viewpoint.  This post will look at the Ngak Indau wetland trail from a walkers viewpoint.

We began our trail walk from the Ngak Indau wetland car parking area, which holds the information sign above.  (Confusingly the map has 2 different spots marked "you are here'' - one at the bottom of the map, and one on the right.  If you are in the carparking area with this sign in it - you are at the "you are here" which is on the right hand side of the map)  We began by following the path west (or "up" on the map)  this path goes past the sign and into the bush, and returns via the footbridge which is visible from the car park area.  We found the direction arrows easy to follow from this direction.  There were a few spots where the trail crossed roads, and we automatically followed the roads, forgetting to look for the trail markers, where we may have confused ourselves a little, but it wasn't  too hard to re-find the trail.

It's not quite what one would expect of a "wetland" - no boardwalks in sight - but of course, our wetlands aren't always wet.  The trail winds its way through the bush with signs describing points of interest - mainly types of plant, with a touch of history thrown in. A few of the information signs were missing, and one was illegible, but that didn't detract from the walk.  We found it quite pleasant, with the recent rains leaving things looking green.  I think the middle of summer would make for a less appealing walk with less green and warmer temperatures.

The trail includes a bird hide, where you can check out the wetland bird life - however as some of the signs are missing, you may not find it by following the track.  We missed it, but if you're lucky you may spot spoonbills, as well as pelicans, dotterel, whistling kite, wrens and parrots. Ngak Indau wetland trail, bird hide - a great spot to view spoonbills, pelicans and more.

We were surprised to find that the trail didn't lead us more closely around the lakes, but it did take us a short distance along the river, where we could just see lock 4 downstream.

We were walking at a reasonable speed, and it took us the full 1.5 hours.

Don't forget your water bottle and sunhat, and if you're walking in hotter weather, take your insect repellant and keep an eye out for snakes.

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