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kayakers travel under branch on tree lined narrow creek

Katfish Reach

Katfish Reach is 38 km of creeks and wetlands starting just downstream of Berri in the heart of South Australia’s Riverland. It includes some of the best camping and canoeing spots along the Murray. Abundant…

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double touring kayaks being paddled on the river, loaded with bedrolls etc.

School Group Kayaking/Canoeing Support and Instructors

Support for all school kayak/canoeing activities Canoe Adventures provides support for all school kayak/canoeing activities, and specialize in OUTDOOR EDUCATION , CLASS CAMPS AND  KAYAK/CANOE CAMPING. Levels of Support Offered We can assist you in…

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kayakers travel under branch on tree lined narrow Sawmill Sreek

Looking for things to do in Berri?

If you’re looking for things to do in Berri  here’s an uncommon opportunity.  The Lakes of Ngak Indau wetlands (near Berri SA) are part of the Katarapko Section of the Murray River National Park and…

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Kayakers on lake near Berri SA

Adding kayaks to your houseboat hire in the Riverland

    If you are planning a Murray River houseboat holiday, we recommend that you consider hiring our sit-on-top kayaks as well. Designed to be stackable to take up less deckspace, they are a…

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4 kayakers on the creek

Places to kayak in South Australia

(Edited 7/5/2020)  If you’re looking for places to kayak in South Australia, we’d love to recommend the area around the Riverland, extending into western Victoria.  We have a wonderful variety of landscapes, ranging from green…

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kayaks on sandbar with cliffs in background

Katarapko Stone Weir – a bit of history

Katarapko Stone Weir is a popular fishing spot near Berri, near the start of Katarapko Creek.  It is a barrier for boats, and kayaks need to portage around it. We  recently learned a bit of…

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Loch Luna Half Day kakak tour

Katarapko – a great spot to explore by canoe and kayak

Katarapko Where is it? (Edit May 2019 – info re temporary change to conditions at Katarapko) Katarapko is a great spot on the Murray to explore by canoe and kayak in the Riverland of…

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paddlers move from creek to river, by cliffs

Ngak Indau wetland by foot

(Note – – as of August 2016 the trail has been redefined and much of the information here is now incorrect – a current trail map is available here .  Our blog will be…

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Loch Luna reflections

Ngak Indau Wetland, Berri, Riverland SA, by kayak

The Ngak Indau Wetland includes a marked walking trail, but is also a lovely kayak spot with plenty of birdlife.  The walking trail is a 4.8 km, 1.5 hour loop which loosely circumnavigates two…

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kayaking on narrow creek past reeds and trees

Ajax and Achilles Barge Wrecks – a bit of Murray River History, in the Riverland

The Ajax and Achilles Lakes, little known by Berri and Loxton locals, are located less than a kilometer from Lock 4, and less than 6km from Berri (as the crow flies).  If you’re wondering what…

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