Increased flows into South Australia – a great chance to explore

Increased flows into South Australia at the moment are presenting  a great opportunity to explore places that aren’t always accessible. Last weekend  (27-8-16) we explored from the regulator opposite the Loxton Caravan Park, travelled up Yabby Creek and into the horseshoe lagoons.

We were fortunate that the levels were exactly right – just low enough for us to limbo under the regulator, and deep enough to be able to paddle right through to the lagoons.

One of the highlights of the trip, for us, was the clarity of the water.  Normally when we paddle the water is fairly turbid, but on this trip we could see clearly to the bottom, and the bottom was land that is not always under water. Other highlights included a nest full of swans eggs, flowering lignums, identifying an Australian Hobby (a raptor), some excitable striped mountain ducklings, swans, and the largest flock of Australian Coot I’ve ever seen.


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