Katarapko Stone Weir – a bit of history

Katarapko Stone Weir is a popular fishing spot near Berri, near the start of Katarapko Creek.  It is a barrier for boats, and kayaks need to portage around it.

We  recently learned a bit of history about the Katarapko Stone Weir. We spoke with someone who had seen a photo taken in 1908 at the location of the Katarapko Stone Weir. (By comparison, nearby Lock 4 was built in 1929) Apparently the weir used to be made of wood.  Thee stones were added later as the wood deteriorated.  This photo shows some of the wood still visible.

The weir was built to restrict the flow through Katarapko Creek, encouraging more flow through the river itself.  This was to ensure that the Loxton stretch of the river had sufficient flow for Paddle navigation and irrigation.

The nearby Causeway Campground is a lovely shady site, so pack your fishing line and plan a weekend enjoying this significant location.


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