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4 kayakers on the creek

Places to kayak in South Australia

(Edited 7/5/2020)  If you’re looking for places to kayak in South Australia, we’d love to recommend the area around the Riverland, extending into western Victoria.  We have a wonderful variety of landscapes, ranging from green…

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kayaks on sandbar with cliffs in background

Katarapko Stone Weir – a bit of history

Katarapko Stone Weir is a popular fishing spot near Berri, near the start of Katarapko Creek.  It is a barrier for boats, and kayaks need to portage around it. We  recently learned a bit of…

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Eckert Creek near Berri SA

Katarapko – a great spot to explore by canoe and kayak

    Katarapko Where is it? Katarapko is a great spot on the Murray to explore by canoe and kayak in the Riverland of South Australia, less than 250km from Adelaide, between Berri and…

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kayaking on narrow creek past reeds and trees

Ajax and Achilles Barge Wrecks – a bit of Murray River History, in the Riverland

The Ajax and Achilles Lakes, little known by Berri and Loxton locals, are located less than a kilometer from Lock 4, and less than 6km from Berri (as the crow flies).  If you’re wondering what…

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solitary kayaker on the water at sunrise, with houseboats - aerial view

The minimalism of kayaking

We love that kayaking is so low-impact.  No fuel emissions, no noise pollution to scare away the birdlife and wildlife, very little impact at all on the land, sliding through the water silently, traveling with…

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5 reasons why you shouldn’t own a kayak!

  The Murray River is a beautiful and ever-changing place, and enjoying it via kayak, at your own speed, by your own strength, and delving into whichever nooks and inlets take your fancy, is both…

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kayaker in touring kayak, with bedroll on back.

Loch Luna kayaking

    Where is it? This short video was made to showcase Loch Luna kayaking.  Loch Luna is one of our favourite kayaking spots. It is a wetland located between Kingston-on-Murray and Barmera, not…

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