Increased flows into South Australia

The Murray is flowing! (well, it always is, but now there’s plenty of water coming our way).

Good rainfall in Victorian and New South Wales catchments is sending water into South Australia.

During June the flow into South Australia was around 3GL/day (3 gigalitres per day).

During July it has shot up to 20GL/day – the highest flow in 3 years!

Not to any significant extent, but a big bonus will be environmental watering in Chowilla. The Chowilla Environmental Regulator will soon be gradually raised, sending water out over the plains to fill dry lagoons and give a drink to thirsty trees.

Will it be too dangerous to paddle in?

Not a problem there either. In a kayak on the Murray it will be barely noticeable (a light 20km/hour wind at your back will push you upstream) and when the wind dies down at sunset (as it usually does) it will still be as flat as glass.

What at the benefits of higher flows?

The whole Murray system gets a good flush of fresh water. For native fish, faster flowing water in creeks and backwaters is a sign to start spawning. Spring is almost here and there’s going to be a burst of activity among all the native animals and plants. Healthy flow brings a healthy response from the whole environment.

The Riverland gets so much fine winter weather – time to get out on the water and enjoy it!


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