5 reasons why you shouldn’t own a kayak!


The Murray River is a beautiful and ever-changing place, and enjoying it via kayak, at your own speed, by your own strength, and delving into whichever nooks and inlets take your fancy, is both relaxing and refreshing, so why would I tell you NOT to buy a kayak or canoe?  Well, while my first reason if pretty self-serving, the rest of the reasons are also quite compelling, and worth a little bit of consideration.

1. Well, obviously, we want you to hire our kayaks, rather than buy your own!  (And we’ve selected the different ones we have, because they suit well the purposes for which we hire them – some are good for long distances with a big load, some are good for splashing around, all are stable and travel well.)

2. Storage is an issue for some people – where are you going to keep it after your bring it home from the shop?  Out of the sun and the weather is best.  Hire ours and you don’t need to worry about that.

2.  Have you got roof racks or a trailer?  Transporting canoes can be a bit of a drag (and, if you’re traveling any distance – a bit of a wind-drag)  No one enjoys getting them out of storage, dusting off, heaving them up onto the car, tying them down securely, and then reversing all that, when you get to the water.  Don’t forget the paddles and PFD’s.  And then you have to redo it all on the banks of the creek so you can get back home!  At Canoe Adventures we transport, deliver and pick up the craft for free within 5km of Berri, and are happy to travel further afield for a small fee.

3. You’ve been out for a lovely paddle.  You’re refreshed and inspired.  Do you really want to spend time scrubbing that grey clay off of your canoe? (And those grey clay drips off of your car?)  Kym just loves washing canoes. (Well, perhaps I’m exaggerating that – but he does take pride in delivering you CLEAN canoes and PFDs – so why not leave that messy bit to him)

4. Then there’s all the extra costs – insurance, maintenance, repairs and so on…

5.  We all know life’s more fun with a friend, which means you’ll be wanting to take more than one kayak – so multiply all those reasons above by 2 or 3 (or 4 or 5).

Hope I have convinced you that minimalism is the way to go!  Now – where would you like your canoe delivered?

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