Katarapko Update 2020 What’s changed?

Katarapko Update 2020 What’s changed?

What’s happening at Katarapko?

Prior to June 5th 2020,  works were being conducted along parts of Katarapko Creek to construct a blocking bank, regulatory structures and a better access road. This was completed on June 5th 2020 and the park is now fully open. Looking for a Katarapko Update 2020? Let’s have a look at what has changed.

Easier Access.

Murray River National Park - Katarapko Creek Area has 3 adjoining sections.: – Katarapko Section, Lock 4 Section and Eckert’s Creek Section. Previously each section had a separate park entrance, with no easy access between the sections. The recent works mean you can now drive from one end of the park to the other, without leaving the park.  Make sure you check the new Katarapko map, as the roads have changed.

Better Roads

The new blocking bank from Lock 4 to campsite 17 doubles as a road – and it’s a good road: Not bitumen, but good! New regulators along the blocking bank also double as bridges, traversing creeks that previously isolated the three park sections.

Better Kayaking

The improvements to the Katarapko Area have opened up a really fun, scenic kayaking trail close to Berri. It can be paddled on its own, or as a great addition to the iconic Katarapko Creek kayaking trip: Starting at the Eckert Creek regulator, you can paddle down Jarrett Creek, then take either Sawmill Creek or The Splash to get into Katarapko Creek. Narrow and windy with a gentle flow, it’s become the favourite of our Berri Kayaking Group. It is a relatively new trail, only possible since the completion of the Eckert Creek regulator three years ago. Water levels in this route will be affected by weir pool manipulation and extra “spring pulse” flows, so it’s not suitable for first-time paddlers. As always, we suggest getting a bit of local knowledge before setting out.

Better Walking

There are a number of defined walking tracks at Katarapko. For a really fun day out, why not kayak down the creek, then walk or cycle back up the 10.4km Katarapko Trail.

Keen to give it a go? At Canoe Adventures we’re always keen to help get people onto the water – hire kayaks can be delivered and shuttles back to your car can be arranged.

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