Temporary pause to business during Murray River flood emergency in South Australia

Temporary Pause for Safety's sake

A few days ago we finally had to make the call to temporarily pause all kayaking due to the high flows in the Murray River, in a flood, the likes of which we have never seen in our lifetime, This flood is on track to be the 2nd highest flood in 150 years, surpassing 1931, and but not getting as high as 1956.

In September, National Parks began closing roads and campsites due to increased water levels. Since then we have been constantly re-inventing the way we do things, so that we could continue to safely offer our core activities, however we have had to drop those core activities one-by-one as flows increased and road access to our launch points and to campsites decreased. First to go was Year 11 and 12 Outdoor Ed camps, followed by kayak camping expeditions.  Then as flows increased kayak hire was deemed too risky, and finally we have decided that even guided tours, on the last route we have left, needed to cease.

As well as water safety leading to the final call to pause, access to the water has now been blocked by levees, and today (20.12.22) our Premier has closed the waterways to all non-essential water use.

When will we reopen?

We will take a break for a month, and then re-evaluate what we are able to offer, and send out a bulk email.  If you would like to be kept informed, please go to our home page to sign up for emails at the bottom of the page.

How can you help?

We’d love you to head to our website and buy a gift voucher for someone special for Christmas. Vouchers are valid for 3 years.

There are many other Riverland businesses that would also really appreciate you buying from them, too.

The Riverland would love you to come and visit.

Most accommodation is still open, (including our b&b) apart from some caravan parks – however: Berri, Loxton, Cobdogla,& Paringa caravan parks are still open.  There’s great food, wine and craft beer, as well as lots of safe places to view the river.  Check out Destination Riverland for all of the tips. But also check the Berri Barmera Council website for a list of closures. Please keep off of all levees, and stay aware of the heavy machinery still constructing or extending levees in the area.

What have the floods been like for us?

The highlights of this whole experience have been:

Drifting under the redgums and blackbox trees, and seeing the delight on the faces of guests as they do the same.

Seeing the water life thriving!  Just look on the edge of the water almost anywhere to see a wealth of tadpoles and tiny fish.

The knowledge that this is SO GOOD for the environment.  Water for struggling trees and a soon-to-be explosion of new seedling growth. Mass spawning of the native fish, some of which will only breed when the floodplain creeks are flowing.

Being humbled by the magnitude and strength of the river: the sheer volume of water!

Seeing the resilience of Riverlanders as they innovate, strive, persist and go beyond to keep themselves and their mates safe and supported.

Seeing the assistance coming in: anything from data on heights and expected inundation areas, levee building, emergency housing, sandbagging, state and federal financial aid, the SES and now even the army coming in to lend a hand, traffic control around levee building and road closures, and timely information on those closures.

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