Winter Sunrise Kayaking. Are you crazy?

Winter Sunrise Kayaking. Are you crazy?

How do you convince people looking for Winter Activities in the Riverland, that winter kayaking in the Riverland is awesome? Without thinking it through, so many people unnecessarily cross it off of their “to-do” list in winter.

Why? Because I might get wet? Our kayaks are very stable, and if you don’t try to go fast, you’ll keep all splashing to a minimum.

Why? Because I might get cold? It’s been said that there is not such thing as bad weather – only inappropriate clothing. So dress warmly, in acrylic fibres. (Natural fibres will hold onto any water that may be splashed, keeping you cold) In winter we wear thick socks, layers, gloves, beanies and scarves, and bring the thermos. You’ll be wearing a life jacket, so don’t get too stressed about the wet weight of all that clothing.

Why? Because God scheduled sunrises too early in the day, to expect people to watch them? It’s not something you need to do every day – but it’s so special we suggest you do it at least once. There is something magical about being on the water, watching the colours change as the sun rises over Gurra Lake, with mist sitting on the water, pelicans gliding silently by, and whistling kites soaring and calling overhead.

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In Winter the Riverland averages 1 more day, per month, than Adelaide, of clear sunny days, and receives one half, to one third of the amount of rainfall as Adelaide. At sunrise, our mornings are usually so still that the reflections are perfect.

But what if you strike bad weather? If it’s too windy we will either reschedule your tour, or refund your booking fee.

I recently asked on an Australian Kayaking forum, how I could convince people to get out and enjoy kayaking in winter. This is my favourite answer, from a man who does a LOT of kayaking,

“ Oh no, don’t let people know that it is more often sunny than not during winter in the Riverland SA, or that you have the river pretty much to yourself, speedboats and JetSkis are hibernating in their dens, and especially don’t tell them about the amazing colours of sunrise and sunset that you only get when the sun is low in the sky.”

There were a number of other similar answers – all suggesting that we keep secret just how awesome it is, so we can have it all to ourselves.

If you make the trip to the Riverland, what other winter activities can you indulge in? We could write you a list, but someone else has already done that, so hop over and have a look at the Destination Riverland website.

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