Berri Fitness and Exercise Kayaking

Berri fitness and exercise kayak sessions to commence in October 2014

Spice up your Berri fitness and exercise routine in the gym with the best view – the mighty Murray River.

We’re pleased to announce that our weekly “Berri Fitness Kayaking” sessions will commence on Tuesday October 14th from 5:30 to 7:00 pm, and happen weekly during term time, during daylight savings.

How is an fitness kayaking session run?

The weekly sessions will involve meeting in Berri, doing a car shuffle and dropping kayaks and people at the start of the trip, and leaving them to paddle to the end, where the cars are. (People wanting to really push themselves may paddle past the end point and return back to the end point by finishing time, for an extra work-out),

The cost will be $25 per single kayak, or $15 per person, per double kayak.

If you wish to participate you’ll need to give us your mobile phone number and respond to a weekly text to confirm your attendance.  You can do this by phoning or texting Kym Werner on 04211 676 45, or using the “contact us” form on our website.

Kayaking as exercise

Although we’re not fitness experts, Kym is a qualified kayaking instructor, able to advise you on correct and efficient paddling techniques.

Kayaking is great not just for the arms, but also for the core muscles.  These quotes about kayaking as exercise from sum it up well – “Contrary to common belief, when performed correctly, kayaking is an activity that employs the entire body. Almost all muscle groups, joints, and body parts are utilized in one way or another while kayaking, dispelling the idea that kayaking mainly works the arms.”, “When proper form is used, your core muscles are the primary parts of the body that should be used to stabilize the body and propel the kayak.” and  “As the legs provide the connection between the boat and the kayak they are actually quite involved”.


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